Friday, May 15, 2015

Back at it!

Well... I'm at it again.  And this time, I'm gonna be better!
These are all out of order... but we'll survive.
Christmas Eve traditions... 
have some yummy dinner, 
look at Christmas lights, 
and then hot cocoa with the Palmers.  

That time when Kim bought me a scarf for my birthday, so I took of pic of me wearing it and sent to Spence, to see if he liked it.  He gave it 2 thumbs up.

My girls trip with Em.  Parasailing, painting class, beach time.  It was perfect!

Spence and Tal ran their first 5K together....

Tally took 1st place in his age group!  

Ryan and his bestie, Jacob.  End of school lunch with my boy!

My sweet girl, graduating from elementary.  How did this happen so fast!!

Maddy & Skyler



Our first camping trip as a family!  It was a success!

Maddy's birthday room make-over!  It's always this clean...... 

My girl is 11!!

Cupcake wars birthday party!  Their designs were pretty awesome!

Gotta have selfie time with Kisten.

Makutu's Island with Gianna, Rya & Tia!

He found Jacob's name.  Such a sweet kiddo.

Hittin the beach with the Terry's!

Summer movies with the Palmeros and Magallanes'.

1st day of school! AHHHH!
Maddy 6th -Ms.Skrinde
Talan 3rd - Mr.Holzemer
Ryan 1st - Mr.Carlson

Oh yeah... that time when Clint & Spencer thought the pool of the water slide would sink in the real pool.  Did not happen.  But it was still fun!  Oh, the things we do for Clint on his birthday!

Golfing with Em

Ryan was in the chess club!  He can beat the whole fam!

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy!  9 years old!!!

Class celebration!

Early morning trip to Durango!

Four corners

How many Beck's can you fit in a hot tub?

Silverton train ride.  It was cold... but totally worth it!

They both got student of the month!!!!


Open house of the Phoenix Temple.  It was awesome!  
Talan got a drink out of every drinking fountain.  He had lots of holy water.

Skyler got to join us!

Magic Man/Small Pools concert with my cutie!

Our sweet little Brooks!

Maddy and Tal took 1st place!  Ry took 2nd!  Still awesome!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The pool...

Well, this was a very cool, frustrating, exciting, long, process.  
But we LOVE how it looks and couldn't be happier to have us all entertained during the hot summer months when we don't want to be stuck inside!

Nothings better than a visit from the Ewell's!

 One of my favorite things about Arizona are the sunsets here.  
I can't get over how amazing they are.